At MISAM Dinner/Awards NightChris Idakwo is currently a student of Middlesex University Mauritius and is studying Information Technology. He has passion for technology (of all kinds). He loves Mathematics, he love and studied music. He believes greatly in personal development.

He grew to love Mathematics as he found it to be fun and interesting – the singular subject, except computing (which has a foundation in Maths) he have ever so admired.

He’s just another random guy who believes in the power and innate ability of everyone (especially youths) to make a difference in the world.

He’s got big dreams (they’re really scary if you hear them) in which he follow aggressively; he calls himself a passionate hustler.

Of all things, he loves to travel, read novels,  play musical instruments, many more.

He’s greatly social. Don’t think so? Find him on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

You can video rap on Skype: idakwo.christolight.ekojoka

Listen to his tunes on 8Tracks: here or here

Connect with  on Google+

Watch his uploads on Youtube 




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