PI Day 2015 – One In A Millennium!

Happy Pi Day“I will love you until pie runs out of decimal places” – One dummy line I took up sometime back in 2012. For the love of Math, for the love of Einstein and for the love of infinity. Take a chill, celebrate and honour this geeky day- the Pi Day!

3.14.15, being today, is even more special to the math geek fans than you know it to be. The most magical day of the year: Pi Day!

By grace and chance, it happens to be the most magical year of the century. It’s the Pi Year! I feel glad and honored to have witnessed this day.

Today’s date – 3/14/15, as written in the US and a few other countries, is equal with the first five digits of the value of Pi: 3.1415.

Here’s the wow…

More precisely as at 9:26:53am today, an even more magical time of the day where the date and time equal the first digits of the value of pi: 3.141592653. Heck, it wouldn’t just stop there. According to Joseph Stromberg (Vox.com, 2015), a statistician at the University of Toronto pointed out that an infinitesimally (let me google that for you) brief moment just after 9:26:53.58979am, but slightly before 9:26:53:5898am, we’ll have Pi Instant (let me google that for you).

Circle circumference and diameter = PiAt this impossibly short moment, our particular civilization’s way of marking the amount of time elapsed since an arbitrary date in history will match perfectly with every single digit of pi, an irrational number that literally never ends (when expressed in a base 10 numbering system, or any system that uses a natural number as its base).

Pi will ring throughout the land. It will extend to infinity. For the briefest of moments, pi will fill the gap in your soul.

Savor this moment. Appreciate it. Think of circles. It won’t happen again until 2115, when you’ll probably be dead.

It’s one in a millennium!

 PS: Some scholars claim that humans are programmed to find patterns in everything because it’s the only way we can find meaning in our work. But obsessing about math is infinitely better than obsessing about Kim Kardashian’s butt.

Yo Dawg


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