Being effective in an NGO.


First thing first – What is an NGO? A non-governmental organization (NGO) is basically a legally constituted organization which is operated by legal persons who act independently from any government. Today, there are around 40 000 internationally operating NGOs across the world tackling various issues. Some examples are AIESEC, GreenPeace or the UNESCO. In Mauritius, we have around 140 approved NGOs operating to make the island a better place.

WhiteOnBlue_ShortNoBackgroundAre we really impacting?

It is good to have so many NGOs driving the change in the world. But, are we really having an impact around us. Are we being effective enough to create THE change. Some days back, I read an article where the author said – “You will have half success in your operating year and the next half in your succesor’s one” – This question led me to think – Are we really thinking of the future generation?


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