Vurb’s Contextual Search Engine Blows Away Those Stupid Lists Of Links

I’m really impressed. But if care is not taken, Google will buy them over! You just don’t threaten such tech giants!


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Search is outdated. Google steers you to right section of the library, but doesn’t answer your question or compile that answer with others to help you make a decision. Luckily, today Vurb is launching its reinvention of search results in the form of a web and mobile contextual search engine. Rather than forcing you to do multiple searches in different tabs, Vurb collects all the relevant info on one page and preserves your path in a saveable, sharable stream.

Vurb is rolling out search for Places, Movies, and Media today, but soon plans to add People, Startups, and many more verticals. The best way to convey everything Vurb can do is to just walk you through a chain of searches, so let’s take a look at trying to plan a night out.


Let’s say you want to go to the movies. First you’ll get a grid of images…

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