Please Stop Asking Me To Design Your Posters (Rant Series 1, Episode 1)


Welcome to the “official launch” of Rant Series.

This is Episode 1, brothers and sisters! A magnifique beginning for such a magnificent series.

If you’re reading this right now, then you are destined to be of great success. Whenever people step into my world, I love to share some of my greatness and genuinity with them. So sit tight, relax, read carefully and LEARN!

Throughout this rant I use the second-person personal pronoun (you) quite a lot. This does not necessarily mean I am speaking to ‘You’ the reader, but rather some other ‘You’ who will probably never read this anyway.

I don’t know how many of you computing students out there ((IT students especially)) have to face this ideological torture (I must say) everyday. Well, I do. “Please Chris, help us design a poster; you’re studying IT”.

Whenever they say things like that, I shed some tears inside me. What does IT have to do with poster design?! I’ve never been able to answer that question myself.

Adobe has made some incredible useful design tools, however, they decided that just about anyone (regardless of their sense of design, understanding of image aspect ratios, or ability to use less than 15 different fonts or 10 disturbing colors on a single poster) should be able to use these tools to make good designs.

What upsets me however is the fact that even with these tools available, you just won’t use it. You think it’s an IT thingy. Holy Mother of Jesus! It’s just a freaking software, dammit! Just the way they think of Microsoft Office as IT. Schools nowadays need to redefine what they teach their students. Instead of naming those prelim subjects “Computer Science” or “IT”, they should name it something like “Getting Shit Done With A Computer” or if that’s just too wrong for a subject name, why not try “Solving Real World Problems”. Now, that will even make a better name than “Computer Science” or “IT”. It’s an abuse of name use. I will talk more on this in an upcoming post.

I’m an IT student, not a Graphic Design student

IT is not about designing posters for heaven sake! When you ask me to make a poster with such statement, you’re making some major assumptions, and as Samuel L. Jackson rightfully said in the outstandingly amazing film The Long Kiss Goodnight,

you end up making an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘mption’”

Firstly, you assume I have design skills, or maybe Photoshop installed on my pc. I know you think the words ‘IT’, ‘Computer’, ‘Photoshop’, ‘Design’, and ‘Poster’ are synonymous, but guess what? THEY ARE NOT! IT has nothing to with designing of print materials of any kind. Why don’t you meet a Graphics Design student for your design needs!

A little flashback

Right before you guys started bombarding me with those poster requests, here’s what I had installed on my PC:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Sublime Text, and WYSIWYG 7 (for web development)
  • NetBeans (mainly for Java development)

  • Eclipse, and Python (coding anything)

  • Visual Studio (.Net development and XML)

  • Google Chrome (to browse the internet)

  • Google Docs Offline (create documents, spreadsheets and presentations)

  • Microsoft Office (create documents, spreadsheets and presentations)

  • VLC (to play just about anything)

  • Spotify (stream unlimited music)

You’ll notice that Photoshop, Illustrator, and all those graphic design tools are not on the list. I have nothing against people asking me to help them out, but i’m not a graphics designer. How hard is it to understand? There was a time when if I wanted to create graphics, I just had to open up my Powerpoint and do something simple for myself. Now I use Powerpoint for just meme creation.

IT students might have something to do with design, because we need to understand design concepts for the systems we build, the software we create, web pages we develop, and lots more. Also, how these designs affect user interactivity and overall user experience. But that does not, in any way, make me a graphics designer!

This is “IT”

In case you didn’t know, let me give you a sneak peek of what IT involves:

  • web development
  • software design and development

  • information systems design and development

  • database design and management

  • information management

  • pervasive and ubiquitous computing

  • smart/intelligent technologies

  • virtual technologies

  • artificial intelligence and robot systems

  • machine learning

  • – and many more

    If you look carefully, you don’t see graphic design. Even in universities that integrate “Digital Multimedia” in the course “IT”, you don’t see them handling things like poster design.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m not despising the job of design. Hey, that’s what is making Apple famous and rich today. Design is important in our contemporary life. We all tend to seek for better, good looking and responsive technologies. Massive respective to all real designers out there. From plain paper designers to complex/sophisticated designers that walk and work the glorious floors of the likes of NASA and RFSA (Russian Federal Space Agency), designing complex space stations and satellites; part of making human lives easier.

    But then, back to you guys.

    Thank goodness, my course activity is over.

    A heartfelt plea

    Please, … please with bells on top, borders of apples and the word PLEASE designed in Photoshop with a bright blue grunge pattern; NO ONE should send me another request to help with designing poster, I wont! I’ve done quite a lot this academic session, and that’ll be it.

    I love designs, I love to play with Photoshop and Illustrator whenever I’m free. If I want to help you with poster design, I honestly will. But don’t come to me asking for help!

    I’m done ranting! Been talking to myself for the past hour; I feel like a retard.

    Oh… don’t forget to learn how to use Photoshop and Illustrator.


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