Youth To Business Forum 2014

Wow! What an amazing day! My sincere appreciation to the organisers of this wonderful event.

The Youth To Business Forum is a trademark event of AIESEC. Today, being the 19th day of April 2014, AIESEC Mauritius organised the Youth To Business Forum at the widely known MCB oval-shaped headquater. It was a nice experience.

Have you ever attended an event that speaks to the inner you? Topics discussed can be related to things you experience or things that happen around you? An event where you might not want to see certain sessions come to an end? Well, this was one!

Right now, I do not know how to express my thoughts. But I just thought this deserves a post on my blog! Its been since 4th January I made a post on this blog. Well, after the time I had at the forum, I have decided to resurrect this blog I had thought I would bury for some reasons.

All I can say is this: “the forum was inspiring”. Events like this should be organised for the larger youth community in the country. Personally, I learnt quite a lot than even discussed. The location alone started arousing challenging thoughts in my head. Yeah, I never thought so, but it did! I began thinking things that might seem weird if I had to share. But in all, I came back home this evening a little different than I left in the morning. Thanks to AIESEC Mauritius! Thanks to MCB! Thanks to the actual Organising Committee! Thanks to the all the speakers and resource persons!

Now I guess its time to stop typing. I’m having severe headache.

I beginning a new phase of my life soon. I’m never scared of change. I hope for the best!

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